Join us on Saturday 16th of December for A Life of Natural Culture Party at Green Wise Greenhouse.

In the words of the father of natural farming and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka, “Natural Culture is simply a way of life in which people enjoy the truth and beauty of nature, a life in which people, with freedom in their hearts, climb mountains, play in meadows, bathe in the warm rays of sunlight, breathe pure air, drink crystalline water, and experience the true joy of life.”

In oder to this Legend, we will serve fruit straight from the Fukuoka Farm as well as water fresh from the mountain. Let’s immerse ourselves in music under the leaves of the jungle trees.
In addition to the music selectors, the party will feature live acts sitar player Jarvis Earnshaw and percussionist Suguru Masumori.

自然農法の父、哲学者でもある福岡正信の残した言葉”Natural Culture”という言葉からインスピレーションを得たパーティーをGreen Wiseの温室で開催します。

人々が自由な心で山に登り、草原で遊び、暖かい太陽の光を浴び、澄んだ空気を吸い、澄んだ水を飲む…などといった、あるがままでピュアな喜びを体験できるような生き方を目指した”Natural Cluture”という言葉にぴったりな空間、Green Wiseが会場です。

『スローグリーン』をコンセプトに、環境にも配慮した安心安全な緑地とより良い環境づくりにも貢献するGreen Wiseが提供するパーティー会場は

Music selector に加え、シタール奏者のJarvis Earnshaw、パーカッショニストのSuguru Masumoriのライブアクトを召命。



Open : 15:00
Close: 22:30
Place : Green Wise 温室 @greenwisejapan
Entrance :2000 yen

Kosuke @kekekokek
Koki @ukiko1225
Jarvis Earnshaw @jarvisearnshaw
Nomizo @tmysnmz
Taniya Hashimoto @taniya_hashimoto
Suguru Masumori @suguru_drum
Reo Anzai @reo_anzai
Rintaro Sekizuka @rintaro0s

Original artwork : Atsuya Nagata @atsuyanagata
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