In this work, I created an ambisonic machine as a translator of the relationship between the processing of leaves by the Japanese stonefly and the Japanese pepper tree. Ambisonics is generally known as an immersive 3D audio format, but I interpreted it as a format for recording and playing back objects and their surrounding environmental information, and named it Ambisonic Machine. The ambisonic machine converts relationships that take place on a scale too small for human perception, or phenomena that are too long to be perceived, into a form that can be recognized, and recaptures them as music.
This system tracks the walking (traversing) movements of the beetle, the Japanese stonefly, as it rolls plant leaves to create a "cradle," and music is played as the stonefly moves over the leaves on which the graphic notation is written.
The two plant species with different leaf shapes (
Isodon trichocarpus and Isodon umbrosus var. hakusanensis) change the gait of the mandarin ducks, and different music is played.
Isodon umbrosus var. hakusanensis
Isodon trichocarpus
Software Engineer     Makoto Amano 
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