In the village of Kosuge, Yamanashi, there is a stone called a "growing stone" that is said to grow larger every year. The stone is like a record that semi-permanently records the environment around it, and by playing the sound of the stone, the memory of a vast amount of time is erased. The material of stone is also deeply related to the origin of music, and according to one theory, the oldest musical instrument is said to be a percussion instrument made of stone.
Three types of sound rhythms are present in this work: a stone structure that rubs against each other completely at random, a stone structure that slowly and organically changes as it is scraped, and a stone structure managed in digital time by the triggering of a drum sequencer, which mixes together to create a moment when sound is transformed into music and the earliest music This work is an experiment in how rhythm is created and constructed.
Materials Motor, Speaker, Stone, Drum Sequencer 
Venue Tokyo University of Art, Toride
Date 2021-10-11
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